The random things kids pick up!

Just before New Year’s, I did a family shoot for Andrew’s cousin’s family at the Millennium Library while they were in town for the holidays.  Andrew and Lukyan tagged along so we could also spend some more time with them.  We don’t see them very often now that they have moved to BC.  🙁

As I was photographing, I looked over to see Lukyan running around the library and Andrew following him.   Before you know it, Lukyan snags a book off the shelves and brings it over and sits down to “read” it. First off, Lukyan LOVES books…he loves to look through them and he especially loves when we read to him so why wouldn’t he help himself to a book or books for that matter.  However, what was funny about all this was the “book” he snagged!  Andrew comes over to me with a big smile and says “look at the book Lukyan took!”  I looked over and couldn’t help but laugh…that’s totally Lukyan to pick up a book so out of his element. 🙂  And for him to “pretend” to read it was even more funny!  Especially because he likes to act serious like he’s all into it.  Such a little comedian I have! 🙂 So I had to take a quick photo before he was up and on the move again!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Johanna - luv this! he’s so cute… pretending to read yiddish slang and idioms… too adorable!February 1, 2011 – 9:07 pm