New Posts Coming Soon!

I feel like I’m a bit behind right now!  Whether or not that is the case, I’m trying to keep up!  Last year when I was pregnant with Lukyan and booking weddings for 2009, I limited the amount of weddings I wanted to do.  I did this because I was thinking about how Lukyan would be turning 1 at that time and how the first year is so precious, I didn’t want to miss anything.  I didn’t want to be tied down to my computer….I wanted to have lots of time to spend with him and not have to worry about any editing (because I would have a light wedding schedule).  Well, this worked well, except that I have had lots of requests for portrait sessions this year and they have filled the gaps of where I would have normally shot weddings.  So, my summer schedule was not so light after all!  I’m not complaining though…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the shoots I’ve done this summer and I haven’t missed a thing with Lukyan!  Although, I could use some more sleep! 🙂

So, just to let you all know……there are plenty of new posts being worked on as we speak, for example, these cutie patooties, Alexis, Sklyer and Spencer:



and Holly:


and the Alleyne family:


and the Kroeker family:


and Melanie & Keith’s fabulous wedding:



and Deanna’s trash the dress session:


So stay tuned for some great photos to come! Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend and enjoy the great weather!  And if you haven’t joined my facebook fan page yet, check it out:


Theresa - It’s wonderful to recognize so many of these faces! These people are so lucky to have these moments in time captured by you. Amazing work. I can’t wait to see more!September 5, 2009 – 4:05 pm