Day 16: A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without || My 30-Day Challenge

Photos taken by one of my best friends, Michelle Zerr during a family shoot she did for us this past October.

Yeah, big surprise here right! lol  I really couldn’t imagine my life without either of them but to be completely honest, a life without Lukyan would be the hardest! As much as I love Andrew, a bond between parent and child just goes a little bit deeper.  When I was younger, I used to tell people that I didn’t want to have kids.  Yes, true story!  One day this past summer, my Mom and I went for a walk to Starbucks with Lukyan.  She reminded me of what I had said years before and then said to me “Do you see what you’d be missing?” In which I replied, “yes Mom, you are right!”  Because I would be missing soooooo much!  Children are so amazing and such a blessing to have in your life. Andrew and I had a great life before Lukyan came into it, but when I compare our life before to what it is now, our life before feels so much emptier.  I hope that makes sense.


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