Baby Quilt By Tavia Marie

Last month I had a beautiful baby quilt made by Tavia of Tavia Marie Quilts for our sweet little Ksenya. When my son, Lukyan, was born, my great aunt made him a blanket and so I wanted something custom for Ksenya too.  I think it’s soo special to have and I want to give the blankets to them when they are all grown up. I still have little dishes from when I was a child and now Lukyan uses them. 🙂  Our baby room is painted yellow from when Lukyan occupied it and we weren’t planning on repainting for Ksenya.  So, I wanted to find ways to incorporate pink with the yellow to make the room more girly. I had heard about Tavia through some photographer friends who had quilts made by her. I looked through Tavia’s facebook page to get ideas of quilt patterns I was drawn to and while looking I noticed a great matyroshka doll fabric she had. Andrew and I have traveled to Russia before and while we were there, we had bought some matryoshka dolls.  I love matryoshka dolls!  I then started thinking that it would be great to put one of the dolls in Ksenya’s room which could tie in with the quilt (if Tavia could use the matryoshka doll fabric).  It’s such a cute cute fabric!! I told Tavia that I wanted yellows and pinks and what styles of quilts I liked and she came up with a great color scheme, fabrics and layout.   I just LOVE how the quilt turned out…I think it’s so GORGEOUS!!  If you are looking for a great baby shower gift or perhaps just want a quilt for yourself, I highly recommend Tavia….she is awesome and does beautiful work.  Check out my photos below to see Ksenya’s quilt. 🙂